For Our Customers

SCANMED is in the business of delivering products and services to our customers with the best possible solutions that will meet their diagnostics needs and improve patient care outcomes. Through extensive collaboration with our business partners, we strive to deliver professional solutions to our customers.

For Our Prospective Suppliers

The Sales & Marketing staffs recruited have diverse educational backgrounds, i.e. Engineering, Science and Nursing, in addition to holding years of sales experience in the health care industry. The Sales & Marketing staffs are carefully selected and the best qualify ones are engaged so as to optimize market share for each of the supplier. Product Specialists are responsible for all sales, basis product training and conferences. They also liaise with supplier on all product related issues. All Sales staff are paid incentives based on their performance to budgets by product lines. The Divisional Sales Managers and Marketing Manager support The Sales team on all sales, logistics, clinical application and training issues.

Our Partners