Ceiling-mounted Digital Radiography GC85A


Ceiling-mounted Digital Radiography GC85A


Premium ceiling digital radiography system iQuia™ GC85A. Provides advanced low dose imaging experience and streamlining workflow saves more time to focus on improved patient care.


Ceiling-mounted Digital Radiography


iQuia™ GC85A enables fully automated operation along with the THU, motorized wall stand and patient table.

 Auto positioning

 Motorized wall stand


Diagnostic Confidence

Streamline Without Compromise

Smart Stitching with S-Guide. Smart Stitching can increase comfort for patients who find it difficult to stand for long periods of consecutive shootings. Viewing a stitched image of a whole spine or long bone is more convenient for making accurate diagnoses.

Soft Handling. The Tube Head Unit (THU) can be moved into position gently with only a small amount of physical pressure from two fingers, so the operator avoids becoming fatigued from pulling the unit.