Floor-mounted Digital Radiography GF50


Floor-mounted Digital Radiography GF50

GF50 is the essential digital radiography system that offers performance, accuracy and efficiency. Auto-tracking reduces diagnostic time, so more patients can be served.  S-Detector™ and S-Vue™ deliver high image quality for more precise diagnoses.  In addition, GF50 simplifies operation with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Floor-mounted Digital Radiography


Operation is made easier with Auto-tracking. This function shortens operation regardless of the patient’s position. Reduce workflow steps by half compared to conventional manual tracking.

 Access control

 Data protection

 Intrusion prevention

Efficiency At Hand

Enhance Workflow

Conventional diagnostic use. Manual Stitching can capture a body part that is larger than detector’s area. After taking multiple images, Align-Assist function makes the alignment process easy, which helps merging them into one image.