Portable X-Ray GM85


Portable X-Ray GM85

Premium mobile digital radiography system iQuia™ GM85 provides advanced driving experience andadvanced applications to support enhanced usability and high image quality.


Accelerating Experience


The Ultra-compact, Ultra-light iQuia™ GM85 allows access to anywhere, even in narrow hallways or tight spaces. Its light weight also allows easy maneuvering both in and out of elevators without worrying about the weight limit.

 Intrusion prevention

 Access control

 Data protection

Diagnostic Confidence

Low Dose in New S-Vue

S-enhance. To support your diagnosis, S-Enhance improves the clarity of foreign bodies (e.g. tube, line and/or needle) in images of chest, abdomen, and L-spine.

Without additional setting or exposure, Bone Suppression Imaging improves the clarity of soft tissues by suppressing the appearance of bones in chest images, which improves your ability to detect nodules.