World Class Medical Equipment Solution

We have the latest reliable healthcare equipment, applications and services to aide medical practitioners in providing better assessment and treatment.

For our Customer

Scanmed is committed to offer you our help in finding the suitable suppliers that provide the specific medical equipments that you require.

Upon your request to let us know specifically the kind of medical equipments you are interested in, and we will endeavour to assist. This is part of our mission and dedication to provide you with customer-service excellence and social responsibility. It is always our pleasure to be able to help you through our well-built resources and connection worldwide.

For our PROSPECTIVE Suppliers

Scanmed Technology is a fast growing medical device company with many years of experience in medical device industry. With a view to build a strong presence in medical equipment, consumables, and disposables distribution in Singapore, Scanmed is able to penetrate the best markets in Singapore and provide our suppliers with sales opportunities and the best outcomes.

Scanmed sales and marketing teams comprise of experienced and specialized sales people to maximize market share for each of the business. Each division focuses on their core area of expertise and has its own training support infrastructure through dedicated Application/Product Specialists. Supported by our trained application specialists and engineers, strong presence at national & international conferences & workshops, helping to build product & brand awareness for our suppliers, Scanmed is ready to provide you with best sales and service opportunities throughout Singapore.