HyLED 8 Series


HyLED 8 Series

With cutting-edge LED technology, the HyLED 8 Series offers excellent luminous efficiency, heat-free light source, and incredible long service life, giving you total support in OR.

Excellent Illumination


 Incredible long service life: up to 60,000 hours

 Ergonomic “Trigon” shape for better compatibility with laminar flow systems

 Adjustable light field diameter from 180-280mm

 Cross-shape design for better laminar flow compatibility

 Adjustable color temperature as optional configuration (3000-5000K) for better tissue differentiation

 2 Mega-Pixel HD carrier-arm and integrated HD camera system

Cutting-edge LED Technology

High-performance LEDs and Ergonomic Design

With the HD camera that features 2 megapixels and the comprehensive broadcasting network that links people everywhere, it enables communications inside and outside the institution, and for training and consultations.