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The LOGIQ E10 uses advanced tools, and enhanced workflow capabilities, allowing you to scan, diagnose, and treat a wide range of patients across a broad spectrum of conditions. The next-generation system is leading the digital transformation in ultrasound empowering you to make a difference in the lives of your patients, regardless of their age or body habitus.

Empowering you to Make A Difference


Ultrasound’s advantages as a real-time, low-cost, non-ionizing, portable imaging modality has led to wide-scale global adoption.However, it can be a stress to ultrasound users and departments that are solving a wider range of clinical problems and managing increased volume while also working to improve patient satisfaction. That’s why GE Healthcare designed a new AI-based digital platform to assist the user, delivering the right tool at the right time, anticipating what the operator needs, and helping to ensure no detail is missed.

 Remote control

 Photo assistant

 Scan assistant

Empowering Comprehensive Tools

Enhance Precision Images

2D shear wave elastography to enhance the clinician’s ability for better quantitative assessment of tissue elasticity.
3D GPS/Fusion Imaging to guide the first needle placement so it’s not necessary to reposition the ablation probe to achieve clean margins, which potentially reduce exam time and stress.