Vivid S70

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Vivid S70

Vivid S70 is a portable, robust system with 4D TEE capability that takes cardiovascular ultrasound to new heights by potentially helping to reduce non-diagnostic exams and enhancing collaborative care.

Achieve Consistent Information across all Patients


Quantification with Vivid S70 is all about helping providers evaluate problems and pursue the path forward. Count on a full suite of intuitive tools to make your work easy and efficient. Quickly, accurately and automatically. Furthermore, with TEE procedures growing, so is the need to find ways to achieve the benefits of 4D imaging without compromising productivity.

 Crisp imaging, deep views

 Better workflow

 Better visualization

Portable and Robust

Cardiovascular Ultrasound System

Make annotations that are viewable from all angles on 4D ultrasound volume data sets and their 2D views, facilitating communication in the echo lab, cath lab and OR.
The M5Sc phased array cardiac transducer merges matrix array with high-performing XDclear ™ technology and provides ultra-wide bandwidth and superb image quality.