Voluson E10

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Voluson E10

With the Voluson™ E10 you can deliver truly exceptional care—confidently and efficiently—every time—keeping you at the forefront of women’s health care. The Voluson E10 encompasses the most advanced imaging capabilities combined with efficiency and security features to help you to provide confident patient answers, faster.

Unrivaled Imaging for your Most Complex Cases


Display extraordinary image detail with Voluson’s Radiance System Architecture; its sophisticated beam formation and powerful processing give you:

 4X ultrasound pathways for spectacular 2D and 3D/4D images with increased penetration and clarity

 10X data transfer rate for higher resolution and very fast frame rates

 4X processing power for advanced applications and efficient workflow

The Excellence You Demand

The Standards You Set

eM6c 4D probe to achieve brilliant resolution and volume rates up to 16 times higher than those with mechanical probe technology with a curved matrix electronic 4D probe.
Slowflow HD expand the range of visible blood flow to include low velocities, visualizing blood perfusion in very small vessels.