Voluson E8

GE Healthcare

Voluson E8

The Voluson™ E8 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy practices—handling routine to complex women’s health exams with ease and precision. The premium image quality of the Voluson E8 combined with access to advanced capabilities delivers the level of performance required by you and your patients.

Leading-edge Imaging for your Challenging Cases


The innovative design and powerful capabilities of the Radiance System Architecture take the work out of scanning and let you focus on the image detail for diagnostic assurance.

 Advanced beamformer design—enhancing contrast resolution

 High-performance CPU—delivering faster processing speeds and frame rates

 Parallel processing—improving image quality and frame rates

Advanced Features

Simplified Workflow

Easily obtain volume images with  unprecedented depth and clarity using the HDlive™ technology suite—an essential problem solving tool.
Slowflow HD expand the range of visible blood flow to include low velocities, visualizing blood perfusion in very small vessels.