Voluson S8

GE Healthcare

Voluson S8

With its effortless workflow and superior image quality, the Voluson™ Signature Series helps you obtain critical answers with clarity and speed to help streamline imaging procedures. Reduce time spent on image acquisition, analysis, and reporting with this vital device’s sleek ergonomic design, built-in automation and sophisticated software tools. Spend more time with your patients and your staff, building trust and practice growth.

Your Unique Demands require Distinct Answers


Built on the foundational Voluson Core Architecture, the Voluson Signature Series ultrasound system’s power comes from a seamless synergy between probes and platform.

 10.1″ touch panel with Voluson xTouch

 Balance schedules while increasing patient satisfaction with Scan Assistant.

 Decrease complexity and increase exam consistency with Voluson’s Sono-automation technologies.

Empowering Personalized Care

Insights Helping Lead to Better Connections

Reveal hidden details and enrich clinician-patient communication withHDlive  technology to expose unprecedented depth, clarity and exceptional anatomical realism.
Take your 3D images further with 3D Printing for rapid clinical prototyping, and parent bonding.