Digital Radiography GC85A

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Digital Radiography GC85A
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Ceiling-mounted GC85A

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Premium ceiling digital radiography system iQuia™ GC85A. Provides advanced low dose imaging experience and streamlining workflow saves more time to focus on improved patient care.


iQuia™ GC85A enables fully automated operation along with the THU, motorized wall stand and patient table.

  • Auto positioning
  • Motorized wall stand
  • Auto-tracking
  • AccE detectors which have enhanced load allowance and dust & water resistance, allowing the detectors to be actively implemented in versatile environments. The enhance load allowance also allows detector to support patient positioning and alleviate daily burdens.
  • Low dose in New S-Vue, dose level can be reduced up to 45% dose reduction for pediatric abdomen, 15.5% for pediatric chest and 27% for pediatric skull exams.
  • S-enhance, improving the clarity for foreign bodies, allowing better images.
  • Bone Suppression imaging improves the clarity of soft tissues by suppressing the appearance of bones in chest images, which improves your ability to detect nodules. You can easily create the companion image with just a click on the screen.
  • Auto Lung Nodule Detection, multiple deep learning algorithms crafted for Auto Lung Nodule Detection help predict lung nodule in general chest radiography as a second reader.
  • SID (Source to Image Distance) Guide to aid precise device positioning.
  • S-Align to allow accurate alignment for superior imaging.
  • Smart stitching with S-guide
  • Auto positioning, makes it move to more than 500 exam positions. The most frequently used position can be controlled with a handheld wireless remote control.
  • Motorized wall stand, with one touch of the control panel, you can precisely position the wall stand. The motorized receptor tilts from -30 degrees to 90 degrees, allowing you to easily move it to various positions with no need for a table.
  • Auto-tracking, synchronizes the movement of tube and detector automatically reduces repetitive workflows.