Portable X-Ray GM85

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Portable X-Ray GM85
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Portable GM85

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Premium mobile digital radiography system iQuia™ GM85 provides advanced driving experience andadvanced applications to support enhanced usability and high image quality.


The Ultra-compact, Ultra-light iQuia™ GM85 allows access to anywhere, even in narrow hallways or tight spaces. Its light weight also allows easy maneuvering both in and out of elevators without worrying about the weight limit.

  • Intrusion prevention
  •  Access control
  • Data protection
  • Safe navigation, with collapsible column, allowing safe navigation with a clear view. Users can control the speed of the machine easily while applying light pressure on the handle. There’s also sensors installed on the front bumper, which will automatically stop the device.
  • AccE detectors which have enhanced load allowance and dust & water resistance, allowing the detectors to be actively implemented in versatile environments. The enhance load allowance also allows detector to support patient positioning and alleviate daily burdens.
  • Time-saver battery, allows fast charging and efficient battery management. The long-lasting battery gives your machine the power to perform daily activities without additional charges.
  • SID (Source to Image Distance) Guide to aid precise device positioning.
  • S-Align to allow accurate alignment for superior imaging.
  • Remote view, easy access configured DICOM image using web-based program with IP address designated for the system. Great for OT and ER.
  • Multi-touch function, allowing users to control and adjust images easily with fingers only. User friendly and makes image cropping easy.
  • Manual stitching, allowing multiple images to be merged into one for better diagnostics.
  • Low dose in New S-Vue, dose level can be reduced up to 45% dose reduction for pediatric abdomen, 15.5% for pediatric chest and 27% for pediatric skull exams.